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We secure our valuables – our wallets, keys, and homes. We know that, if left unsecured, they can easily be a target for criminals. So it makes sense to think the same way about the information stored on all our devices.
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Keys to avoiding home rental scams

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Need more space than an apartment, condo or townhouse can offer, but not ready to buy? A single-family home rental may fit the bill. But not all home rental listings are legit, so here are some tip-offs and tools to help you avoid a rental scam.
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NCQA BlogNCQA Blog - PCMH Congress is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to recognize the folks who shepherd so many others through a patient-centered transformation. I am, of course, talking about certified content experts (CCE). For those who don’t know, CCEs are professionals who demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the PCMH model and recognition program, including a mastery […]Nominate Your Champion! 2019 CCE Quality Awards at PCMH CongressAlec Bose
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Key Areas Prosecutors Will Consider When Evaluating Your Compliance Program
Not being compliant with healthcare rules and regulations makes your organization vulnerable to a HIPAA breach or fraud. If either of these issues occur, government agencies like the OCR will step in to investigate the situation. As a compliance professional, you can use your knowledge of what prosecutors will consider when evaluating compliance programs to reflect on the items that your own organization’s compliance program should address.
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Hurricane season starts June 1. Are you ready?

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June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, and a great time to make a plan to deal with weather emergencies. Extreme weather events, like hurricanes and other natural disasters, can occur with little warning, and the effects come in many forms. Hurricanes may include heavy rainfall, high winds, storm surge, inland flooding, tornadoes, and rip currents. Are you ready to leave your home at a moment’s notice? The FTC’s site, Dealing with Weather Emergencies, has practical tips to help you ...
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NCQA BlogNCQA Blog - More often than not, we write about our accreditation or evaluation programs here. And we’ve talked a lot about the evolution of patient-centered care and our role in promoting it. Today, though, we want to share our take on a revolution underway that could shape the future from the exam room, to the insurers’ offices […]Interoperability and Improved Access: Join Us in Supporting the ProposalsMatt Brock
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NCQA BlogNCQA Blog - Guest Blog Dr. Brittany U. Carter is the Director of Health and Research at Wellsource, an NCQA-certified pioneer in health risk assessments and self-management tools. Dr. Carter specializes in evidence-based practice and health research to ensure the trustworthiness and scientific integrity of our products. — There is no piece of data more important than self-reported […]NCQA Certification Increases the Value of Self-Reported DataNCQA
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Make it a scam-free vacation

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It’s almost summer! Right now, you probably have beaches on the brain or you’re thinking about that long-planned trip abroad. Before you head out, take steps to help keep your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare:
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It’s Privacy Awareness Week 2019

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This week is Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) Privacy Awareness Week, held annually to raise global awareness about privacy issues. This year’s theme “Protecting Privacy is Everyone’s Responsibility,” is part of what drives the FTC to act on behalf of consumers and businesses every day. Here are a few recent FTC efforts on privacy.
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The Link Between Healthcare Fraud and Tax Fraud

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The Link Between Healthcare Fraud and Tax Fraud
The majority of healthcare provider c-suite executives go to great lengths to ensure that coding and reimbursement is appropriate. However, your organization may sometimes find that a billing error has generated unintentional long-term overpayments. When this happens, your organization must not only address the overpayment situation but also be aware of any tax-related implications.
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