Are You Interested in Writing an Article for The American Institute of Healthcare Compliance (AIHC) Blog to Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

The AIHC online audience is made up of healthcare professionals seeking resources and professional training.  This may include administrators, executives, compliance officers, and others in similar professional roles.  The goal of our blog is to provide further information about healthcare and healthcare compliance topics to enrich our readers’ knowledge of various subjects.  We recommend that you read through some of our professional articles to get a good idea of how we present information about various topics.

Article authors will be credited by name on the published blog article page.  If you have a brief biography saved on your AIHC website user profile, this biography will appear next to your user profile image in a small module at the bottom of your published article.  Electronic newsletters promoting specific blog articles will also note your name and your organization’s name.

Before You Submit Your Article for CEUs: Some Things to Consider

The AIHC blog is focused on publishing original content, so we will not publish an article of yours if we find that it has already been published elsewhere.  We will also proofread all submitted article drafts for spelling, grammar, and adherence to the AIHC Professional Article Guidelines listed below.  AIHC reserves the right to edit your article as is deemed necessary prior to publication.

AIHC also reserves the right to add calls-to-action to relevant AIHC programs and courses at the end of your article.

How to Submit Your Article

Articles should be submitted via email to healthcaretraining@aihc-assn.org.  Any inquiries about article submissions or writing guidelines may be directed to the Professional Development Department at the above email address, or at the toll free office phone number (866-571-5635) using extension 123.  You should submit a full draft of your article in Word format (or an equivalent) with the following information included at the top of the first page:

  • The date you submit your article
  • Your name (as the author)
  • Your organization’s name
  • Your selected article topic

Once monthly, all article drafts submitted within the past four weeks will be reviewed to determine which articles will be posted on the AIHC blog during the next month.  Due to this schedule, we will contact you within four weeks after you first submit your article draft.  In this correspondence, we will notify you if your article has been chosen for publication, the approximate date that your article will be published, and the number of CEUs you have earned from your article submission.

Items That Will Remove a Submitted Article from Publication Consideration

  • Marketing for products or services from businesses other than AIHC
  • Articles with apparent political bias (we strive to provide our readers with purely factual information in a manner that is free from opinion or bias)
  • Anything that is offensive or factually incorrect
  • Critiques of individuals or organizations (you should be presenting factual information through your article rather than reviews or opinion-pieces)

Earn CEUs By Writing an AIHC Blog Article

Both Writing and Reading Articles on the AIHC Blog Can Earn You CEUs, But You Earn More By Writing!  Earn 2, 3, or Even 4 CEUs By Writing An Article Compared to Earning Only 0.5 CEUs for Reading One.

Whether or not your article is chosen for publication, you will earn CEUs by submitting it provided you adhere to the instructions outlined on this page.  You are able to earn AIHC CEUs for your article submission based upon the length of your article.  Submitted articles must be a minimum of 500 words and the number of CEUs it is possible to obtain in relation to the length of your article are as follows:



500 – 649 words

2 CEU (Available Core Category)

650 – 900 words

Focusing entirely on the article topic

3 CEUs (Available Core Category)

650 – 900 words

With a main section in the body of your article (approximately 175 – 275 words) discussing how the article topic relates to either HIPAA Compliance or Ethics

4 Total CEUs, Which Includes:

  • 2 CEUs (Available Core Category)
  • 2 CEUs (HIPAA or Ethics Category)


Please Note: The number of AIHC CEUs earned from your article according to the table above will be based on the length of your submitted article draft.  If your article is chosen for publication and AIHC chooses to edit or remove sections of your article, these changes will not be counted against your word count for CEU earning purposes.

Inquiries about the CEU status of your submitted article may be directed to the Renewals Department, available by email at renewals@aihc-assn.org or at the toll free office phone number using either extension 125 or Option #3 from the AIHC automated phone menu.

AIHC Professional Article Guidelines

  • Tone and Style
    The overall tone of your article does not need to be completely formal, but it should remain professional.  Typically, AIHC blog articles are written in third person, though articles written in first person will also be accepted provided the article adheres to other AIHC blog guidelines.  Your article should be clearly structured with an appropriate use of headers to distinguish between different sections of the article.
  • Length
    Articles should be approximately 700 – 900 words in length.  Submitted articles that are less than 500 words will not be considered for publication or CEUs.
  • Topics
    A number of acceptable article topics are included in the table below.  If you wish to write about a topic that is not included on this list, you must first contact the AIHC office to confirm whether or not you may still submit your article for CEUs and publication.  Please direct inquiries of this nature to healthcaretraining@aihc-assn.org or the office’s toll free phone number (866-571-5635).
Approved Article Topics
Select a topic from the list below and write an article about it to earn CEUs.
Pertinent ICD-10-CM 2019 Updates ICDCT-CM Core, CHA Core, CHCM Core, CHBS Core
Yates Memo: Exploring Six Key Steps of Individual Wrongdoing in Department of Justice Prosecutions OHCC Core, CHA Core, CHBS Core, CHCM Core, CIFHA Core
Updates to Civil Monetary Penalties and Affirmative Exclusions OHCC Core, CHA Core, CHBS Core, CHCM Core, CIFHA Core
The OIG Exclusions List and Hiring Practices OHCC Core, CHA Core, CHBS Core, CHCM Core, CIFHA Core
Enforcing Your Code of Ethics Ethics
Detecting Potential Patient Abuse Ethics


  • Quality Expectations
    It is expected that submitted articles will have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Proper attribution of any outside information used in the article is also expected.
  • Links in the Body of the Article
    As a nonprofit organization, AIHC is not able to promote other businesses on our website, which extends to our blog.  We only allow links to government websites and resources that are provided for the purpose of allowing readers to obtain more information.  No other external links are permitted.

Please Note: If you have additional links or resources that you would like to include in your article, you must list all non-government website and resource links at the end of your submitted article draft (label this list as “Additional Resources”).  Non-government resources and links will be reviewed after submission and AIHC reserves the right to remove non-government sources, as well as information gained from such sources, from the body of your article as is deemed necessary prior to publication.

  • Images and Media
    No images or media may be included in submitted article drafts.  Any images added to the article will be chosen by AIHC at the time the article is published.

Sample AIHC Blog Articles


Download a Printable Copy of the AIHC Blog Article Contribution Guidelines