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An excerpt from “Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Compliance” By Adrian Sierra AI in Corporate Compliance Most of the information regarding artificial intelligence (AI) is focused on identifying how it will help across multiple industries. Less is available that touches specifically on how AI will help corporate compliance. Below is an excerpt from SCCE’s 2019 newly-transformed, […]
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Care, Coding, and Cybersecurity: Healthcare Applications of Artificial Intelligence
In some ways, AI can almost be like an employee, requiring training before fulfilling its purpose. In healthcare, AI has the potential to support everything from patient care to cybersecurity. As opportunities for healthcare applications of AI increase, it becomes even more important that both the individuals developing these programs and people using AI programs at work have obtained the training needed to ensure success.
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org We hear a lot these days about Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and all that it can do.  But it’s hard to understand what’s real and what isn’t. Christian Focacci, Vice President, Offering Management at Steele Compliance Solutions, sat down and demystified AI for compliance professionals.  In this conversation he explains: […]
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Artificial Intelligence, Its Uses in Health Care, and Compliance
Machines are dubbed as artificial intelligence when they are able to carry out tasks in a way that we as humans would consider “smart.” In the healthcare industry, AI is able to expedite medical diagnoses in a number of ways, but how do healthcare organizations ensure that their AI is using patient data in accordance with compliance guidelines?
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