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Five Vaccines You Should Have If You Work In Health Care
Vaccination is a key part of lifelong health care. While the vaccines you received as a child provided you with a lot of protection from dangerous illnesses, there are also vaccines you should receive as an adult that are just as important. In celebration of this year’s World Immunization Week, we would like to review some of the key vaccines that adults, particularly those who work in healthcare, should receive as part of their own care.
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Heart Health and Compliance: Reflections for American Heart Month
February is a month filled with hearts. With the endless rows of heart-shaped boxes at the store, internal debates about the health merits of chocolate, and reminders of American Heart Month, you cannot escape discussions surrounding this important organ. Healthcare providers can keep hearts healthy for Valentine’s Day this year by working with patients to help manage their risk factors for heart disease, like high blood pressure or cholesterol.
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