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Key Areas Prosecutors Will Consider When Evaluating Your Compliance Program
Not being compliant with healthcare rules and regulations makes your organization vulnerable to a HIPAA breach or fraud. If either of these issues occur, government agencies like the OCR will step in to investigate the situation. As a compliance professional, you can use your knowledge of what prosecutors will consider when evaluating compliance programs to reflect on the items that your own organization’s compliance program should address.
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The Link Between Healthcare Fraud and Tax Fraud

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The Link Between Healthcare Fraud and Tax Fraud
The majority of healthcare provider c-suite executives go to great lengths to ensure that coding and reimbursement is appropriate. However, your organization may sometimes find that a billing error has generated unintentional long-term overpayments. When this happens, your organization must not only address the overpayment situation but also be aware of any tax-related implications.
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Few can look back at a career in compliance and ethics as rich as Alan Yuspeh’s.  He served as the coordinator of the Defense Industry Initiative (DII), Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for HCA Healthcare and as a president of the Health Care Compliance Association. In a […]
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What You Need to Know About Email and HIPAA Compliance
Many of us use email so regularly that we can sometimes forget about the potential risks associated with it. When it comes to healthcare, there are 152 HIPAA breaches currently being investigated by the OCR that have cited email as the breach location. If you need to send health information to patients or other providers, how do you determine if email would be compliant with your organization’s HIPAA privacy and security requirements?
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Compliance is never easy, and it is especially difficult for mid-sized companies in emerging markets.  Many of them operate in countries where there is not even a word in the native language for compliance. Frank Brown and Anna Kompanek of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) help companies meet this […]
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By Justin Muscolino Head of Compliance Training in North America, GRC Solutions When I first started in compliance training, I remember having a conversation with a senior member of a financial institution about an upcoming eLearning module. During the conversation I asked him a few questions about the target audience, so that I could better understand […]
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Paula Davis on Helpline Effectiveness [Podcast]

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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Each year countries lose billions to corruption, fraud and other compliance failures. When it comes to stemming this problem, helplines are crucial.  In fact, a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that 50% of corruption cases were found through tips from employees. The challenge for helplines is that […]
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Corporate Compliance Best Practices 2019

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By Caryl Anne Crowne Content Writer & Media Specialist, Applya Focusing on best practices for corporate compliance has become essential in business, as public pressure has caused firms to reevaluate goals and workplace policies. A growing awareness on corporate social responsibility has led to more careful audits, emphasizing productivity, fairness and efficiency. Here are key […]
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Tomell Ceasar has spent the last 10 years working in compliance and governance roles in Dubai, both for local and multinational companies.  In that time he’s seen a lot of change in compliance programs. For one, he notes in this Compliance Perspectives podcast, the job used to be a lot lonelier.  […]
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org By Adam Turteltaub A merger or acquisition is an expensive proposition for an organization and one that is rich in both business and compliance risks.  That’s particularly true for the healthcare industry, with its substantial regulatory burden and constant change. Shirley Qual and Andrea Ekeberg at UnitedHealthcare will be sharing their […]
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