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I Want to be a Compliance Officer!

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By Jessica Vander Zanden CHC, VP, Compliance and Audit, Network Health It’s rare or even nonexistent to hear a child stating: “I want to be a compliance officer when I grow up.” However, here we are in need of qualified and sharp individuals ready to take on the numerous challenges of working in a compliance […]
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org We hear a lot these days about Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and all that it can do.  But it’s hard to understand what’s real and what isn’t. Christian Focacci, Vice President, Offering Management at Steele Compliance Solutions, sat down and demystified AI for compliance professionals.  In this conversation he explains: […]
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By Carrie Salters Freer Consulting Executive management leadership and commitment plays a critical role in setting the foundation for a successful ISO certified quality management system as well as ongoing efforts toward continual improvement. Executives must provide the structure and resources to set the foundation during implementation and through ongoing internal audits, corrective action, and […]
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Beth Socoski on Disclosures and Culture [Podcast]

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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org When considering whether or not to make a disclosure to a regulator, legal considerations typically dominate.  Beth Socoski, Senior Manager at WellCare Health Plans, argues that one other key factor needs to be considered:  the impact on corporate culture. In this podcast, she argues that disclosures are an opportunity to demonstrate […]
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By Robin Singh, CFE, CCEP, HCCP Compliance and Fraud Control Lead, Abu Dhabi Government Website, email and social media are the three top marketing tools used by businesses. More than 50 percent of small businesses invest in a website to expand their reach while 17 percent of global retail sales was accounted by e-commerce. With more […]
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Data and Compliance: Tools for Fighting Opioid Addiction
Healthcare providers and policy makers are always looking for new ways to address the opioid epidemic. One of the five main strategies being employed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to fight this issue is “better data” about opioid use, misuse, and prescribing trends. Learn about some of the ways data is being used to address this epidemic as well as how providers can use health information to support patient care when addiction is involved.
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Compliance can be a lonely job, but it’s best not done alone.  Working with other departments is essential for a program to be successful. Lauren Connell, the Director, Compliance & Integrity at Nielsen, has found a few keys for making cross-functional partnerships work. First, she advises in the podcast (and for […]
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By Kristy Grant-Hart KristyGH@Sparkcompliance.com Two years ago, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year was the silence-breakers of the #MeToo movement.  In late 2018, in response to the movement, many U.S. state laws came into force requiring sexual harassment training and policies for employers.  For instance, in New York, most employers are now required to implement […]
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Syed Hussain on Compliance and Blockchain [Podcast]

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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org I admit it.  I have a problem when it comes to understanding blockchain technology.  I think I understand what it is and somewhat how it works, but I’m not sure why anyone needs it, or how it can be used for compliance programs. Syed Hussain, CEO of the Americas for BANKEX […]
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TRACE Bribery

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By Sascha Matuszak Reporter, SCCE|HCCA TRACE International released its 2018 ranking of bribery risk in countries around the world. The list, which covers 200 countries, analyzes the possibility of companies being asked to pay bribed to foreign officials, and takes into account four major factors: The nature and extent of government interaction with the private […]
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