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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Robin Singh isn’t that much different from most healthcare compliance professionals.  He works for a healthy system with 12 hospitals, 20,000 employees and over 60 clinics.  What’s different, at least for most of the readers and podcasts listeners, is he does all this Abu Dhabi.  Although the healthcare system in the […]
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Heart Health and Compliance: Reflections for American Heart Month
February is a month filled with hearts. With the endless rows of heart-shaped boxes at the store, internal debates about the health merits of chocolate, and reminders of American Heart Month, you cannot escape discussions surrounding this important organ. Healthcare providers can keep hearts healthy for Valentine’s Day this year by working with patients to help manage their risk factors for heart disease, like high blood pressure or cholesterol.
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By Robin Singh, CFE, CCEP, HCCP Compliance and Fraud Control Lead, Abu Dhabi Government Website, email and social media are the three top marketing tools used by businesses. More than 50 percent of small businesses invest in a website to expand their reach while 17 percent of global retail sales was accounted by e-commerce. With more […]
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Target Trouble Areas with HIPAA Training

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A little oversight can lead to a lot of trouble. Employees who aren’t prepared to securely handle patients’ protected health information (PHI) can accidentally cause breaches and leak tens to millions of private records. Why does this happen? In many cases, managers fail to train their staff in HIPAA compliance. HIPAA compliance training shouldn’t simply check the box and call it a day. Training must be ongoing, detailed, and tailored for each department. With regular training, managers can a...
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Data and Compliance: Tools for Fighting Opioid Addiction
Healthcare providers and policy makers are always looking for new ways to address the opioid epidemic. One of the five main strategies being employed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to fight this issue is “better data” about opioid use, misuse, and prescribing trends. Learn about some of the ways data is being used to address this epidemic as well as how providers can use health information to support patient care when addiction is involved.
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Make HIPAA Training Meaningful

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We all know that we must train our employees in HIPAA compliance, but this training is boring. How can we make the training interesting so that it is more effective? This initial training provides basic HIPAA principles—the building blocks for privacy and security. Training can be done by way of seminars, web-based, slide shows, etc.  Regardless of the method used, HIPAA requires staff to be trained soon after starting their job. Should this just be a one time training or should staff be traine...
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Updates to NIST Risk Management Framework

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Jason L. Williams, JD, MSIT Operations Director, Maize Analytics The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released revision 2 of NIST SP 800-37, Risk Management Framework for Information Systems and Organizations in December 2018.[1]The revision recognizes the importance of both information security and privacy: “While security and privacy are independent and separate disciplines, they […]
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Do You Know the Difference Between HIPAA Versus the Common Rule?
The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes the conditions under which protected health information may be used or disclosed by covered entities for research purposes. The Common Rule is a federal policy regarding Human Subjects. Implementation of the Final Rule related to the Common Rule is January 21, 2019. Do you know what the differences are between these two regulations?
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Telehealth, HIPAA, and Cybersecurity

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Telehealth, HIPAA, and Cybersecurity
Telehealth is an increasingly important tool for healthcare organizations to provide patients with more accessible and affordable care options. However, in the excitement of developing telehealth programs, organizations should not lose sight of privacy and security regulations that apply to these new services. After all, protected health information under HIPAA can include data that is transmitted during the provision of telehealth services.
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HIPAA Compliance Challenges for Rural Healthcare Organizations
Rural healthcare providers play a vital role in keeping people healthy across the nation. After all, almost one in five people in the United States lives in a rural area. Being located in these areas, however, can often result in some unique challenges for rural healthcare organizations. Such issues can leave rural providers vulnerable to noncompliance, fraud, and everything in between.
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