What You Need to Know About Email and HIPAA Compliance
Many of us use email so regularly that we can sometimes forget about the potential risks associated with it. When it comes to healthcare, there are 152 HIPAA breaches currently being investigated by the OCR that have cited email as the breach location. If you need to send health information to patients or other providers, how do you determine if email would be compliant with your organization’s HIPAA privacy and security requirements?
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By Adam Turteltaub adam.turteltaub@corporatecompliance.org Compliance is never easy, and it is especially difficult for mid-sized companies in emerging markets.  Many of them operate in countries where there is not even a word in the native language for compliance. Frank Brown and Anna Kompanek of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) help companies meet this […]
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Snack subscription service leaves bad taste

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Food delivery services can be a convenience for people with busy lives. Free trial offers and online reviews can help people decide which service they want to use. But when reviews are deliberately skewed and subscription terms are hidden, that’s not just unhelpful. It’s against the law.
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Ads for diamond jewelry should be crystal clear

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If friends know you’re shopping for diamond jewelry, they may say, “Remember the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity and carat.” Here are three more important letters for jewelry shoppers: F-T-C. The FTC enforces laws against false advertising and created the Jewelry Guides, which show jewelry businesses how to avoid making deceptive claims. FTC staff recently looked through diamond jewelry ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites to find out what shoppers are seeing.
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New York State PCMH: Continuing to Gain Steam

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NCQA BlogNCQA Blog - Last spring, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), in collaboration with NCQA, launched the New York State Patient-Centered Medical Home (NYS PCMH) Recognition Program. To date, 292 practices, representing more than 1,500 clinicians, have earned NYS PCMH Recognition and more than 1,000 more practice sites are currently seeking recognition. Over 2,100 practices in […]New York State PCMH: Continuing to Gain SteamKaren Proffitt
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NCQA BlogNCQA Blog - I stole this post. I admit it. I stole it from our own folks, though, so I’m not sure if it qualifies as really stolen. But this juice is worth the squeeze, if for no other reason than it indicates the wide spread of NCQA activities across the health care spectrum. And honestly, I thought this […]Alzheimer’s and Dementia Facts: A Stolen Post from NCQA’s Employee NewsletterMatt Brock
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By Justin Muscolino Head of Compliance Training in North America, GRC Solutions When I first started in compliance training, I remember having a conversation with a senior member of a financial institution about an upcoming eLearning module. During the conversation I asked him a few questions about the target audience, so that I could better understand […]
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What to do about robocalls

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Not another robocall! We’ve all felt that way. Wondering what to do about robocalls? Check out this new video:
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The Occupational Health and Safety Rights of Workers

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By Holly Shaw Outreach Executive, Effective Software In most countries, workers union representatives fight for the rights of their workers but there are also laws that govern such rights and provide a guidelines which should be followed. These laws usually cover areas like compensation, privacy, and safety of the employees. The occupational health and safety […]
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Operation Donate with Honor continues

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Last year, the FTC and state charity regulators joined in Operation Donate with Honor to stop sham veterans charities from lying to donors. Today the FTC is announcing that it shut down two more operations that collected donations with false promises of helping veterans and military service members.
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