Do I Qualify To Take The Certified Cost Report Specialist (CCRS) Exam?



Eligibility Requirements

We highly recommend those considering certification as a Cost Report Specialist meet at least one of the bullet points below:

  • Are a Licensed Accountant or CPA; or
  • Chief Financial Officer; or
  • Revenue Cycle Professional; or
  • Reimbursement Professional; or
  • Accounting Staff; or
  • Tasked with gathering information for Medicare cost reports at healthcare organizations.

Not sure if your experience or credential meets the certification exam guidelines?  Contact Us for assistance!

About the Certification Exam
  • The exam is 100 questions, open book, open note and three (3) hours
  • The questions consist of T/F, Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-Blank
  • There are five (5) Domains:
    • Part A Reimbursement, Allowable Cost, and Bad Debt (15 questions)
    • Medicare e-Filing Requirements, Terms and Definitions (10 questions)
    • Provider Statistical & Reimbursement System User Manual (15 questions)
    • HIPAA Privacy & Confidentiality, Rules, Regulations and Corporate Compliance (25 questions)
    • General Cost Reporting Concepts and Technical Cost Reporting (35 questions)
  • The exam is taken online from the comfort of your home or office by appointment only and scheduled with a professional AIHC proctor
  • Certification is approved by the Certification Exam Board through the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance (AIHC)