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Reaching for the Stars  

Applying for that Executive Position

Drive, proven success in the health care (or related) field, education, and experience all come into play when applying for that health care executive position.

If you don’t have a clear vision of the position you may best be suited for, consider retaining a professional Recruiting Firm or Career Coach for assistance.

 The executive position you desire may not be available in your city, county or region. Higher-level positions may require relocation, so consider this during your search.

Where to look – Common and Uncommon Tips Utilizing the Internet – Job Sites are the most common way to search for open positions.

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Present Your BEST You!

Successful Interview Tips for Health Care Executives

Vacant high-level positions can be few and far between. Making a great first impression is critical.

As a health care executive, you may feel you already know how to conduct yourself at a job interview and we get that! But, take time to read through all the tips below to help get your energy elevated and to remind yourself how important the smallest of details can be to reach your goal – getting that job offer!

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After the Interview 

Health Care Executives Closing the Interview

After the interview, it is appropriate to ask the employer about what happens next.

Ask them if you need to provide any additional information and when you should expect to hear back.

Get All the Necessary Contact Information:

  • Make sure you have the full name and title of the interviewer plus his/her contact details. 
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