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Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Does Your Staff Qualify to Certify in CPOE?

The Certified Provider Order Entry Professional (CPOEP) credential is designed for individuals who perform assistive services at their practice and have sufficient knowledge, experience, and training to properly handle any alerts that may appear when entering orders into the CPOE system.  To qualify to take the CPOEP Certification Exam, your staff members should have several years of experience as a medical assistant entering orders.  They must be well-versed regarding diagnostic orders and pharmacology.

Option 1: Certification Exam Only

Price: $225

CPOEP Certification Exam Only

Exam Registration Includes

  • AIHC Membership for Three (3) Months.
  • Four (4) Practice Exams: These practice exams reflect the certification exam and will help prepare individuals experienced in all specialties to pass the certification exam. Each practice exam covers a domain of the certification exam (exam domains are listed below).
  • Two (2) Certification Exam Attempts: This exam is taken online and scheduled with an AIHC proctor.  You will know immediately if you have passed (scoring at least 80%) or failed the exam.  If you score less than 80%, you have the opportunity to schedule a second attempt within your three (3) month deadline.

Exam Domains

Domain 1: Laboratory Services

Domain 2: Radiology and Other Diagnostic Tests

Domain 3: Pharmacology

Domain 4: Acronyms and Abbreviations

About the Exam

The online certification exam can be taken remotely from the comfort of your home or office.  Attempts at the exam are only available by appointment with a professional AIHC proctor.

Take the CPOEP Certification Exam within Three (3) Months of Registering

Refunds are not available if you register to take the certification exam and do not take the exam within three (3) months of your purchase date.

How to Register

Register Online as a Non-Member: Pay $225

Register Online as an AIHC Member: Pay $225

Register Via Mail or Fax
Complete the Hard Copy Registration Form and mail or fax it to the AIHC Office:

5000 Gateway Drive, Suite 202
Medina, Ohio 44256
Fax: 330-952-0716

After You Are Certified: Maintaining Your Credential

Once you are certified, you need to maintain your credential by obtaining continuing education units (CEUs).  View the CEU Renewal Chart for a summary of the CEUs required to renew this credential.

AIHC offers free and low-cost CEU programs for our members.  We are also CEU friendly and are happy to accept CEUs from most other recognized organizations.  Please Contact Us for more information. 

Option 2: CPOE Course and Certification Exam

Price: $425

CPOE Online Course

Course Tuition Includes

  • Access to a Qualified Online Instructor If and When You Need Help: Available by request only.
  • Training Materials and Access to the Online Training Page.
  • Quizzes and Downloadable Information: Accessed through the online training page.
  • Order Entry for Diagnostic Tests eBook.
  • Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Professions, 7th Edition: Ordered by the AIHC Office and shipped to you.
  • AIHC Membership for One (1) Year: This is available for first-time members only.
  • Mock Exam: This mock exam is one exam total that covers all four of the certification exam domains.
  • Two (2) Certification Exam Attempts, Provided the Exam is Taken Within Three (3) Months of Completing the Course: This includes one initial exam attempt and one exam retake.

Earn 18 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

This program has been approved for 18 continuing education units by the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance for AIHC Certified Professionals.

Computer Requirements and Time Limits

To successfully complete this online course, you will need high-speed internet access, email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Reader. You must complete this course within three (3) months of your enrollment date. Your course enrollment begins when the AIHC Office receives your course tuition payment.

This course is on-demand.  You can access your course information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by logging into the AIHC website.  There are no scheduled classes to attend, so you can work at your own pace.

Take the CPOEP Certification Exam Within Three (3) Months of Completing the Course

To take advantage of the two (2) exam attempts included in your course tuition, you must take the exam within three (3) months after successfully completing this online training program.  If you wait until more than three (3) months after your course completion date to attempt the certification exam, you must pay for each exam attempt at the rate of $75 per attempt.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to CPOEP (Certified Provider Order Entry Professional)
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Services
  • Radiology and Other Diagnostic Tests
  • Introduction to Pharmacologic Principles
  • Abbreviations and Systems of Measure
  • Drug Classifications
  • Drugs and Older Adults

How to Register

Register Online as a Non-Member: Pay $425

Register Online as an AIHC Member: Pay $425

Register Via Mail or Fax
Complete the Hard Copy Registration Form and mail or fax it to the AIHC Office:

5000 Gateway Drive, Suite 202
Medina, Ohio 44256
Fax: 330-952-0716

Updates from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CMS continues to reinforce the need for appropriate credentialing related to computerized order entry and EHR meaningful use.  In March 2018, CMS sent a reminder to providers to review compliance information for EHR meaningful participation, providing a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for reference.  The second question in this list, FAQ #2851, states:
Question: Who can enter medication orders in order to meet the measure for the computerized provider order entry (CPOE) meaningful use objective under the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs?  
Answer: As mentioned in 80 FR 62798, a medical staff person who is a credentialed medical assistant or is credentialed to and performs the duties equivalent to a credentialed medical assistant may enter orders. We maintain our position that medical staff must have at least a certain level of medical training in order to execute the related CDS for a CPOE order entry. We defer to the provider to determine the proper credentialing, training, and duties of the medical staff entering the orders as long as they fit within the guidelines we have proscribed. We believe that interns who have completed their medical training and are working toward appropriate licensure would fit within this definition. We maintain our position that, in general, scribes are not included as medical staff that may enter orders for purposes of the CPOE objective. However, we note that this policy is not specific to a job title but to the appropriate medical training, knowledge, and experience.
To read more, you can view this FAQ document OR visit the CMS Frequently Asked Questions Page and select “Objectives and Measures.”

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