Our Mission
To provide classroom and web based training programs for professional development, education, and certification to healthcare administrators to improve competency in the management of medical facilities in the increasingly complex regulatory environment at a reasonable cost. 

Our Vision
To establish an international network of credentialed healthcare professionals for the purpose of promoting increased quality of administrative healthcare systems in the United States. 

About Us
AIHC is licensed as a healthcare education corporation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) operating as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. This means monies earned through the operations of AIHC are reinvested back into the company to benefit our members.

There are no shareholders or investors. Our dedicated employees and staff cannot earn bonuses or compensation based on revenue or profitability of the company. 

Corporate Office
Our Corporate Office is located at 5000 Gateway Drive, Suite 202, Medina Ohio, which is between Cleveland and Akron. Walk-ins are welcome, but most of our inquiries and registrations occur online through our website.

Financial and Career Counseling Services
The corporate office provides both financial and career counseling services in-person, by phone, or by e-mail through the “Contact Us” page on our website.

Financial services include: providing group discounts and offering Payment Plans with 0% financing.

Career counseling services include discussing education level and professional experience. Your career counselor will discuss your goals and help you choose a program or educational track to best suit your needs.

Healthcare compliance is a very broad and complicated topic. Compliance has become an important part of every healthcare worker’s job. Administrators and executives bear the burden of developing and enforcing compliance standards. AIHC is here to provide direction, education, and support.

We are a web-based company

Career Courses
Career Courses are offered online as web based training (WBT). Many are also periodically offered as classroom style training camps.

We offer education in a wide range of areas. Our courses are designed for those already working in the healthcare field with the desire to become a certified professional. Certification is approved by the National Certification Exam Board. Below is a list of our career courses offered with the option to certify:

  • Auditing for Compliance
  • Auditing - Conducting Investigations
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Cost Report Specialist
  • Healthcare Collections Management
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security
  • Mastering ICD-10-CM

Certification – Why it is Important?
When you receive a certification from AIHC, you are:
               1. Confirming your commitment to provide quality healthcare
               2. Validating your expertise in your professional area
               3. Authenticating your responsibility to maintain high standards

Short Courses
Short courses are typically completed in just a few weeks and are lower in cost. These programs are offered online as web based training (WBT). You will be able to work at your own pace to complete training within the allotted course time frame (typically 3 months). Below is a list of the short courses we offer:

  • 42 CFR Part 2
  • Chiropractic Guide to Compliant Coding & Billing
  • Coding & Billing COVID-19 Related Encounter
  • COVIC-19 Healthcare Ethics & HIPAA
  • COVID-19 and Risk Management
  • Effective Appeals Management
  • Ethics and HIPAA Basics
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Embezzlement
  • Health Care Collections and Medicare Bad Debt Policies
  • HIPAA Enforcement Basics
  • HIPAA Security Basics
  • Key to Coding Diabetes 
  • Key to PCS Skills
  • New Hire and Annual HIPAA Training
  • Patient's Rights and Release of Information
  • Psychiatric Compliance  - Documentation and Coding

We offer Live and On-Demand Webinars at low cost. Live Webinars are offered at a specific date and time, while On-Demand Webinars are available at any time. For our On-Demand Webinars, you will have access to the webinar and associated materials for 3 months. Below is a list of the On-Demand Webinars we currently offer:

  • Cybercrime, HIPAA and Healthcare
  • Introduction to Mitigating HIPAA Security Risk

AIHC Committees and Corporate Structure

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are all volunteers. The current board consists of:

  • Board Chair (CEO)
  • Legal Counsel (2)
  • Physicians (2)
  • Credentialed Members (3)
  • HIPAA Expert in Privacy & Security (1)

Professional Development Department
The Department of Professional Development provides guidance counselors who are available by phone, e-mail, or in-person by appointment at our corporate office. Financial counseling is important to our guidance counselors. They strive to provide financing options with zero or low interest rates, combining various discounts and providing assistance to those who wish to register.

Education Department
The Education Department includes the Enrollment Department which processes new membership and course registrations. They are also responsible for conducting research and development (R&D) related to new products, programs, courses, and continuing education requirements for our graduates.

 The Education Department recruits, trains, and oversees the Online Course Managers serving our members. The CEO of AIHC is also the Executive Director of the Education Department. To help guide the research and development functions of the organization, the CEO is involved as an instructor for various training camps and programs with the goal of staying in touch with health care administrators.

Certification Exam Board
The Certification Exam Board consists of two board members, the Vice President of Client Services, and two instructors. They provide guidance related to credentials, certifications, and the qualifications of members seeking to obtain certification.

This board convenes as needed to review how certification exams are executed, monitor the quality of exam proctoring, and provide oversight for the certification exam process. 

The Vice President of Client Services presides as Chair for this board. Certification exams are offered under the following conditions:
           Proctored online at a location of your choice (security rules must be followed and full cooperation with the proctoring process is required)
           Proctored in person by appointment at our main office
           All certification exam scores and proctor documentation are reviewed by at least two Certification Exam Board members before the official pass/fail status of the exam is announced

Renewal Department
Whether you are renewing an annual membership or renewing credentials with our organization, the renewal department can assist you by answering membership, CEU, or renewal questions. They can provide guidance when using our CEU Online Tracker and work with you during difficult times, such as unemployment or career changes.

Grievance Committee
The Board Vice-Chair oversees the Grievance Committee. This committee will review formal complaints or concerns brought to our office. The CEO and Vice President of Client Services work with the Board Vice-Chair to convene a committee relevant to the area being reviewed.

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct is a guide for the ethical conduct expected of students and certified professionals of the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance, Inc. (AIHC). The code also aims at informing the public of the principles to which healthcare compliance professionals are committed.

The healthcare industry operates in a heavily regulated environment with a variety of identifiable risk areas. In addition to the challenges associated with patient care, healthcare providers are subject to voluminous and often complex sets of rules governing administrative operations. Over the last decade, risks associated with noncompliance have grown dramatically. Those serving in a position of compliance in a healthcare organization have assumed great responsibility and should be concerned with the manner in which they carry out their duties as compliance professionals. Students and those certified through AIHC are viewed by employers and the public as compliance professionals. The very word professional implies you are an expert. The following competencies are expected:

          1. Take action to satisfy the mission and vision of your organization.
          2. Influence others to do the right thing; you are serving as a role model.
          3. Work to achieve the highest standards of quality while being fiscally responsible.
          4. Become an expert in the skills and tools necessary to do your job.
          5. Always perform to the best of your abilities.
          6. Appreciate and support those you work with.
          7. Practice good manners and use proper etiquette at all times.
          8. Demonstrate high ethical and moral standards
          9. Be honest and fair in all of your dealings with others.
        10. Respect and acknowledge the talents of your peers.
        11. Professionals are humble and generous in their praise of others.
        12. Professionals are pleasant even during trying times.
        13. Recognize any shortcomings you might have and work on your professional improvement.
        14. Obey the law.
        15. Keep your knowledge up to date through self-teaching and maintaining continuing education efforts

Member Benefits
Membership – What does it mean for you?

          1. Supporting the continuation of healthcare compliance
          2. Being affiliated with an international non-profit organization
          3. Receiving discounts on training and certification opportunities through AIHC
          4. Ability to purchase discounted books and reference material through our vendors

Our members have been telling us what it means to them!  Here are just a few comments we receive:

  • “I am proud to be part of a non-profit organization.”  
  • “Membership dues are reasonable and course content is more than worth what I received for my training.”
  • “Online, even with an instructor, it is difficult for me due to my busy schedule at work and home.  I am so thankful that I am able to start my training Online and convert to a classroom camp to finish and certify!  Best of both worlds – immediate start with benefits of classroom participation and interaction with qualified instructors.”
  • “After my first certification through AIHC, I received a promotion.  Over the years I have continued my professional growth and appreciate the guidance counseling to point me in the right direction.”
  • “I belong to several professional organizations.  AIHC accepts CEUs from most national organizations, making it easier for me to keep my coding, HIM and AIHC credentials all up to date.  I love the opportunity to earn free CEUs!”

Annual Membership Fee $120
Our membership dues remain lower than other organizations because we strive to be “green” by communicating through electronic means (website, e-mail, and internet). All you need to do to maintain your membership in good standing is pay the annual membership fee by your renewal date! No matter how many credentials you hold with AIHC, to maintain your credential(s), you need to pay the annual membership fee and submit the required CEUs by your renewal date!