Compliance Week 

December 7-11, 2020

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  • Monday 12/07/20

  • Tuesday 12/08/20

  • wednesday 12/09/20

  • THURSday 12/10/20

  • friday 12/11/20 

For Human Resource Professionals, Practice Administrators, Physicians, C-Suite Executives, Supervisors and Your Management Team:

  • Short On-Demand Webinar Part 1 Addressing Workplace Violence
  • Short On-Demand Webinar Part 2 Addressing Harassment as a Healthcare Employer
  • Future of Healthcare Human Resources After COVID-19 Article
  • How to Protect Our Heroes: Preventing Healthcare Provider Burnout during a Worldwide Pandemic Article
  • OIG Exclusions Video:  Hiring & Monitoring - Best Practices for Healthcare OIG Exclusion Screening
  • Best Practices for Healthcare OIG Exclusion Screening Article
  • 3 Part On-Demand Webinar Series: Understanding Burnout & Resiliency; Steady & Raise Resiliency Model; Building & Supporting Personal Resiliency Readiness

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