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"I honestly believe that my credentials from AIHC have played a significant role in the advancement of my career. When I received my first credential in 2018 (CHA), I was a regulatory compliance/operational auditor in the healthcare industry. After achieving my second credential (CHCO) in 2019, I accepted a job in 2020, as a Compliance Officer at a Specialty Pharmacy organization. After receiving my third credential (OHCC) in 2021, I was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer of the organization. After my most recent credential of (COCAS) in 2022, I accepted the position of Compliance Director of the National PACE Association. So I must say, AIHC has definitely helped change the trajectory of my career path."


CHASM, CHCOSM, OHCCSM, COCASSM Credentialed Professional

"As a new HIPAA Privacy Officer, this course has helped me to understand the role and requirements. I feel more qualified and able to assume this role having the knowledge learned in this course. I would recommend to all new HIPAA Privacy Officers. I appreciate this course and the ability to be more confident in my HIPAA role."


HIPAA Privacy Officer, Certified (HPOCSM) Online Training


"I would recommend AIHC for training to others. Course was detailed and included real-world information, resources and supplemental materials. Very well-presented and organized course. The material was pertinent, interesting and full of resources and references."


HIPAA Privacy Officer, Certified (HPOCSM) Online Training 

"I’m glad and happy I attended the Medicare Cost Report Training Camp from AIHC and got my money’s worth. I have been filing Medicare Cost Reports for facilities for many years, but never had a formal training, therefore, I had many questions that were finally answered at training camp. Scott Mertie was an excellent speaker and was always available and ready to clarify any doubts or questions we had. Also, getting the certification at no extra cost would boost my credibility and legitimize my work. Thanks, AIHC."


Certified Cost Report Specialist (CCRSSM) Training Camp

"This Cost Report camp was an eye opener and provided details on what not to do when preparing a cost report. I recommend this camp to anyone looking to comply, learn and implement best practices with their cost reporting process."


Certified Cost Report Specialist (CCRSSM) Training Camp

" The material is easy to follow, the quizzes after each module really help. Everyone is helpful. Easy to follow."


HIPAA Compliance, Certified (CHCOSM) Online Training

" The HIPAA camp was great. I learned so much & felt the presenters were super knowledgeable & engaging for the whole group. Would definitely recommend! "


Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer (CHCOSM) Training Camp

"I am very satisfied with the online HIPAA Compliance Officer course.  I like that you can do it on your own time!  With three kids I finished in a timely manner and I'm very satisfied"


Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer (CHCOSM) Online Training

"The [COCAS] training and content are specific to common job duties where it impacts and assists immediately into real life. The length and depth are not overwhelming like other compliance options. Overall, it's a nice blend of material that helps our careers in healthcare."


Certified Outpatient Clinical  Appeals Specialist (COCASSM) Online Training

"I recommend AIHC routinely as the self-paced learning is perfect for busy professionals. The [COCAS] course materials are current and can be used to refresh previously credentialed professionals. AIHC provides outstanding customer service and a quality product at a more than fair price point. It is my "go to" organization for increasing my knowledge base."


Certified Outpatient Clinical  Appeals Specialist (COCASSM) Online Training

"This was a very thorough and well-written course [COCAS] for anyone that wants to achieve a higher level of career advancement. Really great course that I truly enjoyed while increasing my knowledge base."


Certified Outpatient Clinical  Appeals Specialist (COCASSM) Online Training

"As a busy executive-level health care professional and consultant, I was looking for an accredited organization under whose umbrella I could gain myriad credentials that were specific, legitimate and ultimately viable in each health care "space;" I found that with the AIHC in a number of areas...and I'm not yet done! Thus far, I've found the Certified Compliance Officer (OHCC), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CMDP) and Forensic Auditor (CIFHA) programs to be most helpful in my work. I'm also interested in the AIHC's privacy and security credentials for the near future. They're all great programs, the AIHC staff are always accessible and helpful, the self-paced course programs and final examinations are easy to negotiate, and their multi-faceted catalog certainly furthers one's legitimacy and agency in each of these select health care areas. Thanks AIHC!"


OHCCSM, CMDPSM, CIFHASM Credentialed Professional

"I always recommend AIHC because, unlike other organizations, AIHC always has a selection of learning that I'm interested in, not just because it complies with my CEU requirements, but also because it keeps me fresh with my learning."


Certified Internal Forensic Healthcare Auditor (CIFHASM)

“Every organization faces the risk of financial loss due to fraud.  In fact, fraud and corruption are annually costing corporations and government approximately 5% of revenue.  One of the best measures that any organization can take to mitigate the loss associated with fraud is to provide employees with the skills and techniques needed to detect and prevent it. The CIFHA certification course is a specialized training course teaching auditors the necessary skills to identify weaknesses in the controls designed to safeguard assets. 

This course will prepare attendees to participate and lead the investigative process while maintaining the legal basis to support criminal investigators, legal staff or other enforcement officials.  I took this course and became certified to boost my current skills set as a Compliance Officer.”


Certified Internal Forensic Healthcare Auditor (CIFHASM) Online Training

“I recently completed the online Internal Forensic Auditor course (CIFHASM) and passed the certification exam.  The reason I wanted to obtain this certification was to seek a higher-level auditing position.

The CIFHA certification combined with my Certified Healthcare Auditor (CHA) credential has brought even higher level job offers than with CHA alone. CIFHA is an outstanding course and I highly recommend taking it with CHA. You will gain advanced knowledge and a stronger understanding of auditing: mining deeper into qualitative (people) as well as quantitative (data) investigations and concluding with verifiable, reproducible and meaningful results.”


Certified Internal Forensic Healthcare Auditor (CIFHASM) Online Training

“This is my second certification (CMDP and CIFHA) course through the Institute and the knowledge that I have acquired motivates me to keep learning. The instructor support and customer service with ALL in the organization is just a couple of examples of how it should be done! I am very impressed with the professionalism! Definitely will use again and again and again. I highly recommended the programs to many of my colleagues. I completed the online Internal Forensic Auditor course (CIFHA) and passed the certification exam. I wanted to obtain this certification to seek a higher-level auditing position in Compliance. The CIFHA certification combined with my other coding/auditing and nursing credentials has brought a higher level of regulation knowledge and understanding of investigations. AIHC’s CIFHA course really enlightened me to the truly advanced nature of forensic auditing.”


Certified Internal Forensic Healthcare Auditor (CIFHASM) Online Training

"I have completed the Compliance Officer Online Training.  So many of the items I have considered you already offer. I do intend to pursue additional course work from your organization"


Officer of Healthcare Compliance, Certified (OHCCSM) Online Training

"It was very easy to use and the materials were robust. I felt I was definitely getting an in-depth experience with a reasonable cost. It was very easy to use and navigate."


Officer of Healthcare Compliance, Certified (OHCCSM) Online Training

"Big kudos to all of you at AIHC!!!  All I have experienced is knowledgeable & helpful staff with every encounter!"


Certified Healthcare Auditor (CHASM) Online Training

"I enjoyed this training course, especially the videos and additional supporting documents and resources. You provide individuals with important information, resources, and tools."


Certified Healthcare Auditor(CHASM) Online Training

"The great folks at AIHC have really gone out of their way to make the renewal process as easy as possible. I recently renewed this year and found the process seamless. It was a one stop login to the site with lots of options to choose from for testing/reviewing for renewal. I was amazed at how easy it was to log in and instantly pick up where I left off the day before. I also appreciate how inexpensive it is to renew."


Certified Healthcare Auditor (CHASM) Credentialed Professional

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