"I am very satisfied with the online HIPAA Compliance Officer course.  I like that you can do it on your own time!  With three kids I finished in a timely manner and I'm very satisfied"


"I have completed the Compliance Officer Online Training.  So many of the items I have considered you already offer. I do intend to pursue additional course work from your organization"


“This is my second certification (CMDP and CHIFA) course through the Institute and the knowledge that I have acquired motivates me to keep learning. The instructor support and customer service with ALL in the organization is just a couple of examples of how it should be done! I am very impressed with the professionalism! Definitely will use again and again and again. I highly recommended the programs to many of my colleagues. I completed the online Internal Forensic Auditor course (CIFHA) and passed the certification exam. I wanted to obtain this certification to seek a higher-level auditing position in Compliance. The CIFHA certification combined with my other coding/auditing and nursing credentials has brought a higher level of regulation knowledge and understanding of investigations. AIHC’s CIFHA course really enlightened me to the truly advanced nature of forensic auditing.”


“Every organization faces the risk of financial loss due to fraud.  In fact, fraud and corruption are annually costing corporations and government approximately 5% of revenue.  One of the best measures that any organization can take to mitigate the loss associated with fraud is to provide employees with the skills and techniques needed to detect and prevent it. The CIFHA certification course is a specialized training course teaching auditors the necessary skills to identify weaknesses in the controls designed to safeguard assets. 

This course will prepare attendees to participate and lead the investigative process while maintaining the legal basis to support criminal investigators, legal staff or other enforcement officials.  I took this course and became certified to boost my current skills set as a Compliance Officer.”


“I recently completed the online Internal Forensic Auditor course (CIFHA) and passed the certification exam.  The reason I wanted to obtain this certification was to seek a higher-level auditing position.

The CIFHA certification combined with my Certified Healthcare Auditor (CHA) credential has brought even higher level job offers than with CHA alone. CIFHA is an outstanding course and I highly recommend taking it with CHA. You will gain advanced knowledge and a stronger understanding of auditing: mining deeper into qualitative (people) as well as quantitative (data) investigations and concluding with verifiable, reproducible and meaningful results.”