Code of Conduct

This code is a guide to the ethical conduct expected of students and certified professionals of the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance, Inc. (AIHC). The code also aims to inform the public of the principles to which health care compliance professionals are committed.

The health care industry operates in a heavily regulated environment with a variety of identifiable risk areas. In addition to the challenges associated with patient care, health care providers are subject to voluminous and, at times, complex sets of rules governing administrative operations. Over the last decade, the risk associated with non-compliance has grown dramatically. Those serving in a position of compliance in a health care organization have assumed great responsibility and should be concerned with the manner in which they carry out their duty as a compliance professional. 

Students and those certified through AIHC are viewed by employers and the public as compliance professionals. The very word professional implies that you are an expert. The following competencies are expected:

  1. Take action to satisfy the mission and vision of your organization.

  2. Influence others to do the right thing; you are serving as a role model.

  3. Work to achieve the highest standards of quality while being fiscally responsible.

  4. Become an expert in the skills and tools necessary to do your job.

  5. Always perform to the best of your ability.

  6. Appreciate and support those you work with.

  7. Practice good manners and use proper etiquette at all times.

  8. Demonstrate high ethical and moral standards.

  9. Be honest and fair in all of your dealings with others.

  10. Respect and acknowledge the talents of your peers.

  11. Professionals are humble and generous in their praise of others.

  12. Professionals are pleasant even during trying times.

  13. Recognize any shortcomings you might have and begin working on your professional image.

  14. Obey the law.

  15. Keep your knowledge up-to-date through self-teaching and maintaining continuing education efforts.

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