Myths about Investigations – FREE Live Webinar – April 30, 2024 (TEST PAGE)

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

A free 60-minute Interactive Webinar Sponsored by AIHC

Time: 1:00 pm ET/12:00 pm CT/11:00 am MT/10:00 am PT

The webinar is suitable for anyone who is currently or will be involved in auditing, investigating, or managing Compliance matters. It aims to dispel any misconceptions about investigations and provide accurate information. Can also be useful for a wide range of people, including colleagues who conduct only a few investigations per year, as well as non-investigators.

Course Description

From time to time, an employer will need to investigate – formally or informally – concerns about an employee’s workplace behavior.  If your organization has a hotline and other reporting channels to give employees a way to speak up, this is only half of the equation. 

The other half is thoroughly addressing – and when necessary, fully investigating – allegations once they have been reported.

Investigating and resolving an allegation correctly strengthens and protects your organization.  A proper investigation gives management needed information and a factual basis on which to make its decisions.  It also reinforces both the fairness of the employee discipline process and your commitment to learning about employee concerns.

The objectives and scope of investigations vary widely, but its overriding purpose is always to find out the relevant facts.  Each investigation may be unique and handled differently, following standard techniques can help you investigate in a fair, transparent, and consistent manner.

This module identifies common misconceptions about investigations and explains the truth. Each participant will receive an infographic of the “Rules for Investigators” that contains useful advice for investigators.

About the Speaker:

Meric Craig Bloch is the Principal of Winter Investigations, a consulting firm specializing in workplace investigations design, implementation, and training.

Meric developed the Winter Method,® an investigations technique that looks for the “business intelligence” that can be gathered from an investigation, helps minimize business risks, and fosters a speak-up culture.

Meric designed, implemented, and managed global workplace-investigations processes at several multinational public companies. He has trained thousands of professionals to conduct workplace investigations.

Meric has personally conducted over 800 workplace investigations globally. Meric is an adjunct professor at Fordham University School of Law. He was an instructor for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Academy for ten years, where he taught the module on workplace investigations.

Meric holds Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from New York University. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Professional Certified Investigator, a Certified Financial Crime Specialist, a Certified Information Privacy Professional, and the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Professional – Fellow designation.

Meric is the author of four books on investigations: The Art of Investigations; In the Arena; Don’t Ask, Don’t Get; and The First Information Is Wrong. He also wrote chapters in the Bribery and Corruption Casebook and The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual.

This online webinar covers the following key topics:

  • How employees misunderstand the goals and standard techniques in the investigation process.
  • Effective responses to misconceptions so that you can message your role effectively in your organization.
  • Ways an investigator can manage the expectations of other employees when they are asked to participate in the investigation process.

Learning Objectives:

  • To identify the common misconceptions about the investigation process to improve your internal messaging.
  • To learn that misconceptions arise from the absence of positive messaging and can harm the credibility of your investigation process.
  • To consider how to manage expectations of investigation participants so that they, among other things, can advocate for and explain to others how they felt about their part of the investigation process.
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