After The Interview

Interview Tips for Health Care Executives

Closing the Interview
After the interview, it is appropriate to ask the employer about what happens next. Ask them if you need to provide any additional information and when you should expect to hear back.

Get All the Necessary Contact Information

  • Make sure you have the full name and title of the interviewer plus his/her contact details.
  • Know whom you should contact to find out about your application after the interview - it is not always the interviewer.

Did you contact your references before the interview? If not, contact them now!

  • The company will probably contact one or more of your job references to do a telephonic reference check.
  • Alert your references and give them some details about the job and the company so they are well prepared to provide the best references possible for you.

Revisit the Interview

  • Assess what happened in the job interview and jot down notes.
  • Were there positive areas that you can reinforce and what areas need to be addressed further?
  • Use these details to write a thank you letter that is well considered and relevant to the specific job interview. 

Write and Send a Thank You Letter

Send a professionally written and relevant thank you letter within 24 hours of the interview. A large percentage of job interview candidates neglect this vital step!

  • Use your notes to reinforce your suitability in the letter, and address any concerns that may have come up during the interview.
  • Express your enthusiasm for the job and the company.
  • Make sure you have addressed the recipient correctly and find out the best way to send the interview thank you note- email, post, or by hand.

When is it Time to make “the” Call?

Give sufficient time for your Thank You letter to arrive. Making this follow up call after the interview demonstrates enthusiasm!

  • It is advisable to follow up with a call or email after a couple of days. If you have been given a specific time frame work within that. Do not wait for the company to contact you.
  • Use the phone call or email to thank them again for the opportunity to interview, and ask when a hiring decision is likely to be made.

Standout candidates go above and beyond. Do not be afraid to let the organization know you are the best person for this job! You want to be remembered after you leave, so follow through with the “After the Interview” advice!

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