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COST:  $25 per posting.  What to expect when you pay to post a job:

  • The job will be marked as a featured job for that week on the AIHC Career Center page.
  • The job will stay posted until it is filled.  
  • The job will be boosted through our weekly email news blasts, which reach over 30,000 healthcare professionals throughout the country.

Is an executive or employee on your workforce an AIHC Member? If so, your organization can post open compliance, coding & management positions FREE!  Not a member? Become a Member today!($150) or Pay only $25 per posting.

How To Post A Job

  • If you are not a member of AIHC, use the payment button below to purchase a job posting for $25.
  • Email or use the contact form below. Include the following information in your Email message or send it as an attached WORD document:
    • Title of the position
    • Full time or part time position
    • Location – State and city or is this a REMOTE position?
    • Summary of the job to be posted
    • Position qualifications
    • Email to contact you for more information or how a candidate can reply directly to your organization

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